IT Managed Services

Systems Management

Operating your systems, sometimes called keeping the lights on. Usually includes support services. Desktop Management, Server Management, and Network Management.

Infrastructure Services

Fiderus has been operating infrastructure in our clients offices and co-located facilities since the beginning. We also offer managed infrastructure that you don't have to purchase. A simple monthly fee guarantees an operational system and no pain to upgrade when you need to expand. We can also Architect, Design, Procure, and Implement computer network and server infrastructure your business needs to operate.

Technical Engagements

Our engagements are flexible to suit your needs offering both short and long term engagements.

  • Support Services - Service level agreements. User support. Help on call.
  • Systems Management - Desktop, Server, Network, Applications.
  • Infrastructure Services - Architect, Design, Implementation. Fully Managed
  • Point Solutions - Security. Email. Disaster Recovery. Backup and Restoration. Remote Access. User Environment. Virtualization. Storage.

Our Support Services conform to the needs of your organization.

  • Fixed fee services. Align your business needs with your costs to manage to provide predictable operation instead of unpredictable function and unpredictable expense.
  • Flex support. Combine regular operations, project implementation, and emergency service fees into one blended rate that allows you flexible billing terms you control.
  • Help on call. Need some help. You call, we answer.