Managed Security Program

Managed Security Program

Continual improvement to the cybersecurity posture of the organization is the new normal and a properly managed security program is the most effective way to do so.

  1. Reduce misallocation of funds to one-off projects
  2. Ensure alignment with the business direction.

A virtual CISO will work with your executive or management to implement processes and IT systems to improve the resiliency and security of your data. Have your management or executive team receive meaningful and timely information to ensure good governance of your cyber risk and ongoing business.

Understand what the real risk is, and is not, to your organization to ensure the appropriate level of effort. Build a secure culture across the organization through sessions with your business leaders.

Ensure a solid overview of the program with KPIs or enhanced tools that measure and report on improvements to the executive. This includes work with the IT team to improve or audit their ongoing support activities.