Information Security Governance.

Fiderus can assist you to improve your security program. We provide strategy to address threats, guidance to improve your processes that improve results and tools to measure the results to continually mature your organization.

Maturing your program

Key steps to go from reactive to managed.

It begins with the tone from the top. Without executive support and commitment your results will suffer. Efforts with compliance should be harmonized with your security program and focused on aligning with the business. The security program delivers information so that risk can be managed effectively and direct policy and security operations instead of managing by fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


Fiderus provides experienced information security, cyber security, and risk consulting services.

Doc Brown

Blockchain stuff
Doc invented blockchain technology in 1793 during a time travel experiment writing it on the back of a deed for a tract of land in Wyoming and lost. This was discovered in the 20th century by Satoshi Nakamoto changing history.

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